Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair

You are an African American woman and you’ve started your transitioning to your natural hair and your new growth starts coming for you!

Don’t panic!

Here is what you need to do if you are transitioning to your natural hair.

Ok, so in the beginning stages of transitioning to your hair’s natural texture, it’s really important to keep your new growth moisturized along with getting a really great blowout!

Start with a quality moisturizing shampoo, then use a rich conditioner to deep condition your hair with protein to add lots of moisture and slip.

Next, give your hair and scalp a steaming for about 20-30 minutes once every 2 weeks. Steam therapy is great and helps remove toxins from your hair and scalp while softening your hairs cuticle and encouraging hair growth in order to keep new growth in check.?

After you steam rinse and apply a moisturizing oil or serum to your hair before you blow out your hair and flat iron it. Be sure to use a one-pass iron, we recommend 430-450 degrees depending on your texture. Flat ironing your hair will seal in moisture, making transitioning hair more manageable.

Make sure you wrap your hair at night and clip it around.

Remember to let your scalp breathe and always use quality natural hair products.

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About the author : Tracy Riggs

Founder of Bye Bye Parabens. A Charlotte Based Business and owner of Tracy Riggs Salon. With a career over 25 years, Tracy is an international award-winning celebrity master hairstylist.