At Bye Bye Parabens, we are entrenched in healthy hair. Established in 2012, our founder a leading master stylist in the haircare industry was fed up with subpar haircare products for naturally curly hair. She started a revolution in haircare, creating a line of breakthrough, paraben-free products with clinical research from over 25+ years behind the chair. This new innovative approach to naturally curly hair was long overdue. Being a woman with naturally curly hair herself, Bye Bye Parabens was more than just hair care. It was being able to wear your hair Curly and Straight without compromising your curls. A fresh new approach long overdue.

Bye Bye Parabens has been featured in VOGUE, BRIDES Magazine, Essence Magazine, Refinery29 and we’re just getting started! Our passion to deliver safer high-quality hair care products has only gotten stronger. We continue to lead the way in industry standards by creating salon-quality products that transform your confidence, appearance, and most importantly your hair!

PARABEN-FREE Haircare Products for Natural Curly Hair
CRUELTY FREE Haircare Products for Natural Curly Hair