7 Easy Hair Tips for Curly Hair Keeping Your Mane Healthy and Happy

7 Easy Hair Tips for Curly Hair: Keeping Your Mane Healthy and Happy

I’m sure we can all agree that curly hair is beautiful! It’s unique and has its own personality, much like the person who carries it. All curls were created differently –some people have tight, corkscrews while others have loose waves, long, short, and every curl in-between. Regardless of what type you have, there are steps you can take to keep your mane healthy and your curl pattern happy!

In this blog post, we’re going to cover 7 easy tips for curly hair that will help preserve your unique coils even if they’re dry, damaged, and overworked.

Hair Tip #1: Use a deep conditioner to hydrate your hair

Give your curly hair the treatment it deserves with a deep conditioner under a hair steamer. Doing this will give you hydrated, healthy curls that are frizz-free, shiny, and bouncy! Be sure to implement this into your hair care routine at least once a month to lock in moisture for curly tresses.

Concentrate the conditioner on your ends and crown making sure that it is worked through from roots to tips. You can steam your hair for 30 minutes or as long as you like if you have extra time! When rinsing out in the shower, make sure to use cool or cold water as it sets curls better than any other temperature.

Hair Tip #2: Deep condition your hair once or twice per month

Curly hair is curly for a reason. It loves moisture, and it’s naturally dry because of its unique shape. Because curly hair has less surface area than straight or wavy strands, the sebum from your scalp struggles to travel along with curly locks without getting stuck in coils and curls that block out any access to nutrients.

The deep conditioner works by coating each strand with moisturizing ingredients so that they can easily detangle and slide through your hair. If your curly hair is dry and brittle, it might benefit from a bi-weekly deep conditioning session.

There are so many benefits to taking the time out of your day at least every 2 weeks to care for your hair. Not only are you able to determine how long you want to deep condition but it is such a relaxing self-care option when you incorporate this “me time”.

Hair Tip #3: Apply an oil-based product to your conditioner on the days that you condition your hair

This is a great way to introduce more moisture into your curly locks. Oil-based products are beneficial for curly hair because they can help seal in the moisture that is locked inside of each strand, which is essential since curly hair tends to be dryer than other types of hair. A quality conditioner will adequately seal the cuticles on curly strands and by adding a blast of an oil-based product will give your hair extreme moisture.

Although you may think it’s unnecessary or even wrong to apply an extra product onto already conditioned hair, keep these tips about how oils work with curly strands in mind: moisturizing oils will provide nourishment and hydration and prevent frizz from forming by sealing out environmental factors such as wind and humidity; oils that contain jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and rosemary oil all work to truly penetrate beneath the surface of your hair and lock in moisture.

Hair Tip #4: Avoid using heat tools on curly hair all the time because it can damage and dry out the curls

It is not good for curly hair to be constantly getting heat treatments. (Follow Bye Bye Parabens blowout guide) Curly hair can get dry and damaged very quickly, so it needs extra care to keep it looking healthy.

  • Avoid using heat tools too much on curly hair
  • Excessive heat damages curls
  • Don’t use repeat passes with hot tools on your hair.

Hair Tip #5: Don’t use a small Comb or the wrong brush on  wet curly locks

Instead of brushing curly hair right away, finger detangle your hair first and then using a wide-tooth comb to detangle. This will help with curly hair management and prepare your hair for smoothing with a wide paddle vent brush.

You want to use a wide paddle vent brush because curly hair is more prone to breakage from not detangling your hair properly. Instead, gently detangle curly hair when it is wet and conditioner has been applied with a paddle vent brush, starting at the ends first then working your way up to the roots of your hair.

Hair Tip #6: Avoid using heavy products like hairspray and gel that can dry out hair and cause it to break

Instead, use a leave-in conditioner. Using a leave-in conditioner to hydrate and moisturize curly hairs, in turn, increases and encourages healthy hair growth and longer hair.

Although curly hair is naturally dryer than other textures shampooing too often can strip away essential moisture. In between washes try refreshing your hair with a leave-in conditioner instead of water. Doing this will keep the pH balance of your hair in check so it stays full of moisture.

If your wearing your hair in locs or braids using an edge control that contains argan and coconut oils has tremendous benefits as it will keep edges moisturized while still keeping them layed down and controlled all day without breaking.

Hair Tip #7: Curl up with a good book for 20 minutes after washing and conditioning your hair

Let your conditioner work its magic by infusing hair with moisture and giving your hair a chance to rest. If you style your hair every day, try changing it up by taking some days off from styling so that you give your hair some resting time try a wash and go or double-strand twist set. Curly hair is beautiful, embrace your natural texture!

Curly-haired people don’t need to shampoo their hair as often because curly hair doesn’t get dirty the same way straighter textures do. Shampooing less will also help retain moisture which is essential for curls! Avoid using products that contain parabens since they cause tangles in curly locks instead opt for gentle cleansers or shampoos designed for curly or kinky-textured tresses like Bye Bye Parabens Curl Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner into your curly hair routine.

It’s time to stop settling for lackluster hair days. With these 7 easy tips, you can have ahead of curls that are healthy and happy. The great thing about curly hair is that it has a lot of personality and the freedom to be as unique as you are. These 7 easy hair tips can help keep your mane healthy, happy, and frizz-free no matter what time of year or day! You may find that one tip works better for you than another so don’t worry if something doesn’t work out right away; just try again. Be patient with yourself and enjoy all the beauty in your curls!

About the author : Tracy Riggs

Founder of Bye Bye Parabens. A Charlotte Based Business and owner of Tracy Riggs Salon. With a career over 25 years, Tracy is an international award-winning celebrity master hairstylist.