How to Care for Natural Hair by Tracy Riggs

How to Care for Natural Hair

Whether you wear your natural hair curly or straight we ALL want our natural hair to be hydrated, soft, and shiny with lots of swag, right?!

So what are you doing to care for your natural hair? Is it possible that you are doing too much?

The answer is YES.

Here are a few things my African American clients have told me they were doing to their hair and I immediately told them to STOP. And now their natural hair feels healthy, hydrated, soft, and growing like crazy. 

#1 Putting Cooking Oil on Your Hair
Doing this will clog your pores when left on over time. Use it for 2 weeks or so and your hair will start to smell like baby vomit. TRUST!

#2 Not Shampooing Your Hair for Over a Month
You should shampoo your hair at least once a week or once every two weeks. After shampooing your hair use a good conditioner to hydrate and moisturize your hair and scalp. If you don’t wash your hair and scalp you are inviting dandruff and may even develop scalp conditions.

#3 Putting Vaginal Products on Your Scalp
Let’s use these items for its intended use ladies…shall I say any more?

#4 Wearing the Pineapple Pony to long
Throwing your hair up in a pineapple pony for a week straight without brushing your hair can be bad for your hair. Doing this will cause your hair to tangle and cause unnecessary hair loss.

#5 Getting A Keratin Treatments
A Keratin Treatment will completely change the texture of your hair. It may allow you to straighten your hair more easily, but one of the many side effects of this treatment is that you will have to re-grow your hair out naturally all over again. It’s just like getting a relaxer.

#6 Wearing Extensions for too long
Wearing extensions over a long period of time like 3 months will cause your hair to mildew, break, and dry out. It’s important that you DO NOT leave extensions in your hair for more than 2 months, after which we recommend you give your hair a break. Wait at least 1 month before putting extensions back in your hair.

There you have it, if you are doing any of these things to your hair please STOP. 

About the author : Tracy Riggs

Founder of Bye Bye Parabens. A Charlotte Based Business and owner of Tracy Riggs Salon. With a career over 25 years, Tracy is an international award-winning celebrity master hairstylist.