Our mission is simple. Our goal is to be a brand people can trust. Every woman should achieve healthy hair and feel confident in wearing and knowing how to do their own hair at home with safer high-quality products that truly perform. We Believe haircare should not only be good for you and your hair type but improve the health of your hair and exceed expectations.


We are looking for Beautiful Women inside and out with Natural curly hair that know how to do their own hair in curly and straight styles and who currently use Bye Bye Parabens products to be our Micro Beauty Influencers

What kind of content?

Hair tutorials of course! Wash day, resting styles like ponytails top knots braid sets twist outs, nighttime Moisture routines, early morning hair prep, straightening your hair, braiding your hair, easy curly hair Wash-and-Go’s the works! And you can do it all with our products. Video & photos!

How many followers do I need to have?

You don’t need many at all. We just want to see you have the SKILLS needed for the program. Most of the content you create we will used on our social media, website, email, and private community and of course on your own social media via IG, YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook for our commission-based program.

How much Commission? Up to 15% of all sales generated from your BBPBeauty Code. This code should be linked on all your social media platforms and mentioned when posting content (click the link in my bio) you will receive payment once a month plus receive free products and merchandise! All affiliates are expected to generate $500 – $1000 per month.

Do I have to have a certain look?

The Bye Bye Parabens woman is about 25 to 60. She is naturally beautiful, loves clean beauty. She is Classy, smart and fun. She is healthy and has embraced all of her curls, kinks, coils and blowouts and most importantly her own hair! You will represent our community! #curlyandstraight #byebyeparabensbeauty