Natural Curly Hair Movement in Australia

Meet Tomasina Boome owner of Afro Puffs who is driving the Natural Hair Movement in Australia. Yes, Australia! 

Why did you decide to take on the Natural Hair movement in Australia?

I moved to Sydney, Australia 7 years ago after having access to all things beauty as the Advertising Beauty Director at Essence magazine. When I arrived in Sydney, I had a supply of products from companies I worked with in the States. My supplies lasted a year and then I needed to find products. The natural hair movement wasn’t where it is now and I wasn’t natural but my children are natural. As I started to talk to more women here in Australia, whether Black Americans, Greek, Lebanese, Jamaican, Jewish or mixed ancestry, we all were trying to manage our curls. I knew the business and I could help or had access to help for many who desired to have healthy hair.

What’s the natural hair movement like in Australia?

The natural hair movement in Australia is growing. However, it isn’t called natural hair. It’s more of a curly hair revolution. More women of all backgrounds are embracing their curls instead of chemically straightening their hair. I believe that most curly headed people have been ignored and encourage to go straight for an easier life. Now, those who are wavy to a tight natural curl can find products and tutorials on how to manage their hair to live an easy life.

What are the biggest challenges down under when it comes to hair care?

Our biggest challenges are natural elements like the water (whether the pH of the shower water, the saltwater at the beach or the chlorinated water of the pools) and the heat from the sun (which feels like it’s sitting across the street from you) and getting the education out to the masses. Sydney is a beach, outdoor kind of city and you need a hat during the day if you are out in the sun to protect your hair and skin. The hole in the ozone layer is right over Australia!

What is your fashion must have’s?

Fashion must have’s – a mean pair of heels, you can rule the world with the right shoes
Fly hats, especially with the sun here and I, love a great fall jacket. Fall is a stylish season, it’s fall here now and I love it.

What music are you listening to right now?

Rhianna- American Oxygen
Somebody- Natalie La Rose feat. Jeremih
Drop that Kitty-Ty Dolla Sign Feat. Charlie XCX and Tinashe

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