Self-Care_ 3 Easy Step For A Self-Care Day Hot Oil Treatment

Self-Care is the new going out, so light a candle put some music on, and treat yourself to a hot oil treatment.

There are so many benefits your hair will get from a hot oil treatment, like working to seal hairs cuticles will strengthen protect and moisturize your hair. You’ll experience less frizz fewer flyaways and split ends.

Essential Healing Oil Treatment 4oz Bye Bye Parabens Natural Hair Product

So here’s the tea on doing your at-home using Essential Healing Oil Treatment hot oil treatment:

Step #1 

Heat your Essential Healing Oil Treatment and apply a small amount to your scalp and then to your hair shaft. Please avoid a vigorous massage, just use gentle circular movements using your fingertips.

Step #2

Place a plastic bag over your hair for 30 min then Wet your hair thoroughly shampoo to gently cleanse your hair and scalp be sure to towel blot your hair and then wrap it around your hair for a few minutes.

Step #3

Apply your conditioner, starting with the ends first then working our way up to the hair shaft and scalp. Give your scalp a gentle massage next place a plastic cap over your hair for 10-15 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly and towel blot and style.


To Healthy Hair,

Bye Bye Parabens


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