Step-by-Step Guide to Transition Your Natural Hair

A Guide to Transition Your Natural Hair

The struggle is real! So you want to transition to your natural hair without doing the big chop?

This is a simple process of letting your natural hair grow out. This step-by-step guide will help you transition to your natural hair texture. If you do, you will have thick, beautiful, natural hair. Your hair will be healthier and easier for you to style.

1. Find a hair stylist

This step is important. You need to find a hair stylist to blow out your hair. This will help your hair from breaking off. You need to keep your new hair growth straight as your relaxed hair. A good hair stylist will not try to talk you out of going natural. If they do, then that’s not the stylist you want during your transition.


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2. Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated. This will help your new hair grow in soft and hydrated. Make sure you take your vitamins. This will give your body all of your daily nutrients.

3. Keep your hair hydrated and moisturized

This is important. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. This will prevent your relaxed hair from breaking off.

4. Use a Leave in Conditioner

Find a rich leave-in conditioner to use. You want to keep your hair conditioned. Keeping your hair hydrated is key while you transition. Have your stylist spray heat protection on your hair then blow out and flat iron. You don’t want to heat damage your hair.

5. Trim your ends

Get your ends trimmed every 6 weeks. This will cut off your relaxed hair keeping your ends even.

6. Condition, Condition, Condition!

Deep condition your hair every 2 weeks. If you have a hooded dryer, deep condition your hair at home. Do this for 1 hour each month.

7. Get a hot oil treatment

Get a hot oil treatment every month. This will help keep your hair and scalp healthy. A healthy scalp will promote hair growth.

How to Transition to Natural Hair

If you follow these steps you will have healthy natural hair. Healthy hair is the goal.

Quick Tip: Find a stylist with a steamer. If your stylist doesn’t have one buy one. Steam your hair every 2 weeks or every time you go to the salon. This will help remove the toxins from your hair and scalp. It will soften your hair and prevent dandruff.


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Find a Salon:

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This is the ultimate guide on how to transition natural hair. Remember always use quality natural hair products.



About the author : Tracy Riggs

Founder of Bye Bye Parabens. A Charlotte Based Business and owner of Tracy Riggs Salon. With a career over 25 years, Tracy is an international award-winning celebrity master hairstylist.