Is Coconut Cooking Oil Good for Your Hair_

Why You Should Stop Using Coconut Cooking Oil On Your Hair

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and nutrients, therefore, it’s VERY beneficial for our health.

But if your hair is stiff brittle course or dry? It would behoove you to stay away from this cooking oil… see coconut oil can cause protein buildup on courser textures of hair blocking your hair from much-needed moisture causing your hair to be drier with less elasticity than it was, to begin with, and less elasticity means more breakage and shedding.

I get new clients all the time who tell me they are using coconut oil on their hair. While it feels oily on the outside the moment I rinse it out you can tell that the protein buildup is killing their natural sebum.  Your natural sebum is needed to produce moisturized healthy natural hair.

So moving forward I would advise you to use the coconut oil for its internal benefits as hair does not have the ability to digest and metabolize but your body does and you’ll get the benefits of this super oil the right way.

About the author : Tracy Riggs

Founder of Bye Bye Parabens. A Charlotte Based Business and owner of Tracy Riggs Salon. With a career over 25 years, Tracy is an international award-winning celebrity master hairstylist.